A.A. Will Corporation is the oldest family operated construction firm in the greater Boston area. Alex Will founded his own heavy construction company in Milton, Massachusetts in 1886. For many years, the company's work focused on teams of horses and tip carts for hire and delivery of fill, firewood, and manure.

His son Duncan Will continued on with A.A. Will Corporation in the early 1900's. His wife, Nora Will, would take over the company after Duncan's death in 1924. Mechanized earth work and trucking became the focus of work for the company starting in World War II when heavy equipment was needed to unload the ballast fill returning on merchant marine ships supplying the European war effort. Development of sand and gravel reserves for sale would also become an important source of income for the company.

Duncan and Nora's sons, Alex and Forbes took command in the 1950's and carried the company into the 1970's through good times and difficult times. The Will brothers also purchased sand and gravel plants in Brockton, Easton, and Canton, as well as additional reserves along the Route 138 corridor. Will became known for earthwork and shopping mall construction. The next generation of Wills, Alexander, better known as "Sandy", and his brother Frank led the company into the 1980's.

Today's A.A. Will, now located in Stoughton, Massachusetts, is owned by Sandy Will and his son, Cary Will. Now in our third century, the company has adapted to changing market conditions. Challenging urban foundation projects and site development projects now provide much of Will's work. Hard work, wise growth decisions, and development of a loyal client base has created a winning formula for the A.A. Will Corporation of today and tomorrow.